Star Force by Aer-ki Jyr

Star Force

Star Force: Maty by Aer-ki Jyr (Star Force Universe Book 77)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 1.5 MB

Aer-ki Jyr is an Amazon Top 100 Scifi Author due to his independently published STAR FORCE universe, which continues to grow with multiple new books published each year. Jyr also has a popular Stargate fanfiction series known as ROTA (Return of the Ancients.)

The universe is not predictable, no matter how much experience you gain. You may delude yourself into thinking so…until the universe educates you otherwise in dramatic fashion.

The Elders were departing for another galaxy and putting Star Force in charge of affairs in this one at their direction…making it seem like this was all part of their plan when in fact it was abdication and abandonment, and Hightower wasn’t going to let the lies stand, no matter how much trouble that would make for him in the near future.

The dragon finished his explanation without a word of thanks or appreciation to the Voku for their loyal service. He simply ended with his order that Star Force orders be followed, and without even looking at Hightower he walked across the platform a few steps as his toe rings melted and covered his entire body with equally red armor, then he took flight with a flap of his huge wings and rocketed into the sky, heading for his ship in orbit and leaving the planet and the entire Voku race behind permanently.

“Prick,” Hightower whispered as he walked up towards the edge of the platform and looked down on all the Voku assembled, with not one of them moving as they waited for his orders, but he could feel their well-controlled despair waft over him, for even those who were not telepathic gave off certain energies in a very crude sense when strong emotion was present, and right now this city was choking with it even when Hightower did not intentionally try and search the minds below.

The Star Force Lord stood in his Monarch’s uniform with his personal armor concealed on his forearms beneath it, but a small rivulet poked up from beneath his collar as he mentally triggered it to produce a microphone linked to the platform’s transmission equipment and local speakers so he could address all here and across the planet, with copies of this historic event being transmitted out via great lag to all other Voku systems.

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