Star Force: Deus Ex by Aer-ki Jyr

 Star Force

Star Force: Deus Ex: An Empire Building Military Space Opera by Aer-ki Jyr
English | 2021|Sci – Fi| ePUB | 5.6 MB

Aer-ki Jyr is an Amazon Top 100 Scifi Author due to his independently published STAR FORCE universe, which continues to grow with multiple new books published each year. Jyr also has a popular Stargate fanfiction series known as ROTA (Return of the Ancients.)

Star Force has existed for 156,000 years, risen beyond a galactic empire of dinosaurs intent on wiping out Humanity only to face an intergalactic scourge known as the Hadarak. They’ve rescued thousands of alien races and incorporated them into their Human-led empire, building a civilization that draws onlookers from numerous galaxies to try and figure out the secret of their success. But today is the day when Star Force learn the truth. They weren’t the first ones to do this…and that success is punishable with death. Or worse.

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