Star Force Universe series by Aer-ki Jyr

Star Force Universe series

Star Force Universe series by Aer-ki Jyr (#42,49-51,53,59-61,63-64,70-72,74-78,80-82)
English | 2021 |Sci – Fi| ePUB | 5 MB

Aer-ki Jyr is an Amazon Top 100 Scifi Author due to his independently published STAR FORCE universe, which continues to grow with multiple new books published each year. Jyr also has a popular Stargate fanfiction series known as ROTA (Return of the Ancients.)

Scorpion (#42) Kara’s fate is determined along with the revelation of the Zak’de’ron’s true nature, forcing Star Force to list the Dragons as a future enemy while pretending all is normal in the present.

Instinct (#49) The long war with the V’kit’no’sat is over, and it’s time to launch Star Force into a bright and bold new future…but at a cost.

Dominance (#50) Over 100,000 years have passed with Star Force growing into a dominant position as rulers of the Rimward half of the galaxy, but lurking in the shadows are threats of old waiting for the right time to strike.

Essence (#51) The ever-growing peace and order in the galaxy has nearly run its course as a new series of events begin to take shape. Buckle your seat belt, Dorothy, because Kansas is going bye bye…

Uriti Tamer (#53) The bargain with the dragons for their Uriti is not as straightforward as expected.

Legacy of the Ancients (#59) Star Force is beyond frustrated by the continuing Vargemma attacks, but until a trailblazer or other Essence wielder can find a way to reach the Paladin the portals will remained closed to the outside and the enemy will continue to be able to strike the empire with impunity.

Clash of the Demigods (#60) War has come to Alpha Temple, and with two trailblazers added to the mix, it’s only getting worse.

Keyholders (#61) Paul and Sara must find their way out of Gamma Temple, but they’re not going to leave empty handed.

Galactic Empire Revealed (#63) A mysterious dragon has emerged from the galactic core to inform the V’kit’no’sat of the true nature of the Hadarak threat they face…and a great deal more.

LITrpg (#64) With the problem of the Vargemma being too powerful to dominate, or trust, Cal-com devises an ingenious testing mechanism to weed out those volunteers who are unworthy. A mechanism known as LITrpg.

Captains Mint (#70) Even in the middle of a never-ending war, new Captains have to be minted, and the quality of your coming reinforcements will determine the outcome of future battles.

The Powers That Be (#71) In youth you’d lay awake at night and scheme…

Symbiosis (#72) With the long-anticipated arrival of the Founders in the Temples, Star Force’s future will change drastically, one way or another. The time of anonymity is ended. Extra-galactic contact has finally arrived.

Carnage (#74) Paul and Cal-com set off on their journey while the war against the Hadarak rages on.

Metamorphosis (#75) As Paul’s changes begin to unfold, secrets are revealed and Star Force’s future takes a drastic turn.

Point Zero (#76) Paul-024 is back, and ready to let the other trailblazers in on the journey they are all beginning…if they can keep from blacking out long enough for him to explain it all.

Maty (#77) The universe is not predictable, no matter how much experience you gain. You may delude yourself into thinking so…until the universe educates you otherwise in dramatic fashion.

Whitmore Day (#78) A pivotal moment in Star Force history occurs, but far more than the public will ever know about.

Reclaimers (#80) Does Star Force have enough races in it yet? No…not even close.

Blue Blades (#81) After the Neofan’s breach of their agreement with Star Force, Director Davis must deal with the situation…

Blood on the Stars (#82) Project Furya Begins.

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