State of Impact by Thomas Scott

State of Impact

State of Impact by Thomas Scott (Detective Virgil Jones Mystery Thriller Series Book 9)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Thomas Scott is the bestselling author of the award winning Virgil Jones Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Series, set in the heartland of the Midwest. The books are all full-length stand-alone novels. New to the Virgil Jones series? Start with State of Anger.

Detective Virgil Jones is about to have his life turned upside-down in ways he couldn’t possibly imagine…
In the middle of the night on a quiet country road in Northern Indiana a crop duster is stolen, and the patrol cop who happens by during the theft is brutally murdered. With the most famous racing event in the world only days away, the governor, along with the Department of Homeland Security task Virgil Jones and the state’s Major Crimes Unit to determine if the two events are somehow connected. Their fear? The plane could be used to spray the crowd of spectators with a deadly substance, killing or injuring thousands…
But Virgil has his own personal motivation for finding the stolen aircraft: His wife, Sandy, has been chosen to wave the green flag to start the Indianapolis 500, something she is extremely excited about. But Virgil isn’t excited about the idea at all. In fact, he’s afraid if they don’t find the plane in time, and figure out who is responsible for one of the most complicated cases he’s ever investigated, the Brickyard could be turned into a graveyard.
Virgil Jones always knew racing could be deadly, especially at the Indianapolis 500. He just never thought it would lead to murder.

“I wouldn’t want your job for all the money in the world,” Murton said. “It seems a little mundane.”

Cora actually laughed…something of a rarity. “Mundane?” She pulled a cigarette out of a pack and pointed it at the governor’s office door. “Try keeping up with that one and see how mundane it is.”

Just as she spoke the words ‘that one,’ the governor opened the door that separated the two offices and said, “I think my ears are burning. And why are you pointing your cigarette at me?” Then without waiting for an answer, “Jonesy, Murt, how are you?”

“We’re well, Mac. And you?” Virgil wore a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt, along with his usual half-top boots. Murton, on the other hand, looked like he’d just returned from a casual business luncheon. He wore black dress slacks, a light blue dress shirt with pinstripes so faint you had to squint to see them, and a sport coat the color of wet beach sand.

“Never better,” the governor replied. Then he lowered his chin a fraction, looked directly at Murton, and said, “Is that the jacket they had over at—”

Murton gave the governor a big toothy grin and said, “Yep. I told you it wouldn’t last.”

Murton and the governor had something of a clothing competition going on for the last few years, and the governor—who took his wardrobe seriously—knew he was down on points. Way down, in fact.

“Yes, I recall,” Mac said, his head tipped slightly to one side, his eyes opened a fraction wider than usual. “But it was my understanding you told me about the jacket because you knew I would want it.”

Murton pushed his lower lip out, nodded, and said, “I did.”

“Then why are you wearing it?”

“I think you just answered your own question…Sir.”

Mac pointed a finger at Murton, and said, “Don’t ‘sir’ me, Murton Wheeler. That’s borderline cheating.” Then, with his finger still out as a pointer, he swung his arm over to Cora. “Why isn’t Miles here yet? And are you smoking in the office again?”

“I don’t know,” Cora said as she slipped the cigarette into her desk drawer, hoping her words might be sufficient to answer both questions.

Just then Miles stuck his head into Cora’s office. When he spoke, he sounded slightly out of breath. “Sorry I’m late. There was a hell of a jam-up on 465.” He looked at the governor and said, “Sir.”

“How are you, Ron?”

Miles didn’t hesitate. “Ready to rumble, sir.”

The governor nodded. “I’ll bet. Good to see you. I’ll let the four of you get to it then. See if you can work something out.”

“Yes let’s get to it, Mac,” Murton said. He was looking at the governor when he spoke, his head tipped back, the carefree grin still plastered to his face.

The governor shook his head and closed the door, maybe a little harder than he’d intended.

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