Stealing His Alpha Heart by Bella Mannaro

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Stealing His Alpha Heart by Bella Mannaro
English | 2020|Romance, MM| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Shattering barriers and fighting stigmas about Omegas in the business world drove Nolan. Ambition, however, came with a consequence. Left without the prospect of a mate, Julian entered Nolan’s life at the perfect moment, giving Nolan someone to love. Yet, a single Omega at the helm of a global company cannot raise a newborn son alone. Contacting Happy at Home, Nolan thought an in-home manny would solve his problems, but within a few weeks, he’s demanded a replacement.

When Peyton left, Tanner considered his dreams of a family over and the determined Alpha focused on his business of providing quality child care to other families. His service, Happy at Home, chose the most qualified mannies, so when his most prestigious client complained, the manny was fired, and Tanner stepped in as the new manny.
However, Tanner never imagined he would develop an attraction to his client.
Would the reclusive and powerful Nolan Tryffan fire the agency and ruin the company’s reputation or was the attraction mutual?
Just when Tanner believes he has managing a business and caring for a bright-eyed baby under control, a detective questions Tanner about his former employee for recent burglaries targeting Nolan’s exclusive neighborhood.

This is an MM Omegaverse Romance with an MPREG storyline. It’s not for those who are under 18 or who don’t like intense scenes of MM encounters and adult language. It will most likely have a HEA, but no surprises will be ruined today!

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