Sticky Fingers by Jenika Snow, Jordan Marie

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers by Jenika Snow, Jordan Marie (Hot-Bites)
English | 2019 | Romance | ePUB | 1.2Mb

Sticky Fingers : Braden: When you have wealth and the respect of everyone around you, it’s easy to forget how to live in the moment. There’s only so much ass kissing a man can handle.
But life can be very lonely at the top, and it’s caused me to be reclusive and keep to myself. I focus on work, with no time for women, I’ve grown hard and distant with everyone, including my family.
But when I come across Macy, a sexy little street thief who thinks I’m an easy target to pickpocket, I turn he tables around in her.
Who says blackmail can’t be sexy?
She’s only supposed to be my company for a dinner party, but the more time I spend with Macy, the more I realize she’s got layers to her that
fascinate me.
I realize that one night won’t be enough. I need all of her. I need her as mine.
Now I just have to show her that there’s much more enjoyable ways to get sticky fingers.

“I run my hands over my jeans, my fingers itching to get to work. I adjust the beanie on my head, a gust of wind blowing the strands underneath it across my cheeks. And then I step out onto the sidewalk and start walking, my focus on him but my head downcast, as if I were paying attention to my feet.

Got to look inconspicuous.

We are just a foot from each other now and I sidestep, slamming into him with enough power that we both stumble a little bit. But I am fast, my fingers sticky as I slide my hand on the inside of his suit jacket, find the interior pocket, and pull out his wallet.

I quickly shove the wallet in my coat pocket then move back, raising my hands and muttering my apologies. Everything happens within a couple of seconds, and as he stares at me, his brows furrowed, he pulls the cell away from his ear and looks me right in the eyes.

I feel my heart jump to my throat. My mouth dries and my body tightens. The look he gives me is intense. “I’m sorry,” I mutter and take a few steps backward, the people all around us moving on either side as if they were water being parted. “I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

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