Stolen to Remember by Alexa Riley

Stolen to Remember

Stolen to Remember by Alexa Riley (Stolen #1)
English | 2020 | Romance | ePUB | 2.5 MB

Is it really kidnapping when she was already his to begin with? Kade Warsaw will do anything to make her remember, including taking her to a deserted island until she falls in love with him. In his line of work, sometimes you have to use force.

Collins Tramble wakes up in a strange place with a man she doesn’t know. He claims she belongs to him, but how can that be possible? Wouldn’t she remember falling in love with someone so different to her? Someone dark and mysterious with a past he won’t talk about…

Warning: This kidnapping romance will give you all the swoonworthy feels. Find out what happens on an island made to keep secrets

sit on the side of the bed and watch her sleep. The plane is high in the sky but we’re still hours from the island. Her shoulder-length dark hair fans across the pillow and her bronze skin glows against the sheets.  

My fists are clenched at my side because I dare not touch her. It was all I could do to hold her against me in the car and to help her back into bed before I lost control. Even now, breathing the same air as her is threatening to break my control, but I can’t look away from her. I’m afraid to blink because the thought of her not being here when I open my eyes sparks a wave of terror within me. 

She’s been asleep for so long already, but the new doctor said this was normal. I had her look Collins over before we boarded the plane and she gave me the reassurance we were both seeking. Now the doctor, with all her supplies, is being transported to the island on another plane.

She told Collins her brain needs to rest in order to process the trauma. 

The trauma. 

Reaching out, I slowly slide my hand across the cool cotton but stop just before I make contact with her skin. I keep telling myself she’s safe, and she’s going to be all right, but watching her look into my eyes and not know who I am has broken something inside of me. I’ll do whatever it takes to make her remember, no matter the cost. 

With a heavy heart I stand up and walk out of the small bedroom. With one last look at her I close the door and walk to the front of the plane where my brothers are sitting. Xander is staring out the window and doesn’t even bother to look up at me when I take the seat across from him. Vaughn is sleeping on the couch nearby and his quiet snores irritate me. How can he sleep at a time like this? 

I grab the tumbler of dark liquor next to me and down the contents in one large gulp. Maybe this will help me close my eyes and not see my beautiful girl look up at me like I’m a stranger. 

“Are we going to talk about this yet?” X says without taking his eyes off the black ocean below us. 

“No.” The word is final but I can see him clench his fist in his lap and I know he’s not taking no for an answer. 

“Have you lost your fucking mind?” he hisses as Vaughn makes an unintelligible sound and then goes back to snoring. 

“Does it matter?” I stare at him until he faces me and leans back in his seat. I don’t break eye contact because I have nothing to be sorry about. 

“Let’s try this.” He leans forward and I can see the controlled anger in the way he grips the arm rests. “Why don’t you tell me who the fuck that is back there and why we’re taking her to the island?” 

“My wife,” I say simply as I grab the bottle of liquor off the table next to me and refill my glass to the brim.

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