Stone Cold Mage by Jamie Hawke

Stone Cold Mage

Stone Cold Mage by Jamie Hawke (A Tale of Gargoyles 1)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 539 Kb

Stone Cold Mage : I’d always been special, but never knew it. Then I go to stay at my aunt’s while starting college, and she’s killed because of me, her home invaded by demons, and I learn there is so much more going on in the world than I could have ever understood.
Throw in a couple of gargoyles and me unlocking an ancient path to insane amounts of magic, and you have my story.
Be careful, though, as it’s not for the prude at heart.

“She laughed now, and I thought I heard it echoing from outside the phone as well. Frowning, I looked around, and then saw her there, standing outside.

“What… the… fuck.” I went to the glass, staring at her there, perched on the branch outside my second-floor window.

“Thought you could give me the show in person. Maybe I’d get involved.”

I still hadn’t processed what was going on, but when she mimicked opening the window, I got the hint. Hanging up, I quickly opened it, but still didn’t think to move out of the way to let her in.

“Steph, what’re you doing here?”

“You don’t get it, yet? I knew I’d miss you. Knew you weren’t going to send me what I wanted…” Her eyes darted to my crotch, playfully. “So I hopped on the first plane I could find the moment you left. So… what’ya say?”


“Fuck?” She scowled. “I fly all the way from Oregon to make sure your first night in this creepy place is amazing, and all you can say is ‘fuck?’”

“I mean, you’re amazing. Damn. I mean…” I finally stepped back, motioning her in.

“You’re inviting me?” she asked.

The question caused a pain in my chest and a chill up my spine, my eyes moving for the door. “

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