Storm’s Wrath by Mary Stone, Amy Wilson

 Storm's Wrath

Storm’s Wrath (Amelia Storm #5) by Mary Stone, Amy Wilson
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB |7 MB

Mary Stone lives among the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of East Tennessee with her two dogs, four cats, a couple of energetic boys, and a very patient husband. As a young girl, she would go to bed every night, wondering what type of creature might be lurking underneath. It wasn’t until she was older that she learned that the creatures she needed to most fear were human. Today, she creates vivid stories with courageous, strong heroines and dastardly villains. She invites you to enter her world of serial killers, FBI agents but never damsels in distress. Her female characters can handle themselves, going toe-to-toe with any male character, protagonist or antagonist.

Amy Wilson; having spent her adult life in the heart of Atlanta, her upbringing near the Great Lakes always seems to slip into her writing. After several years as a vet tech, she has dreams of going back to school to be a veterinarian but it seems another dream of hers has come true first. Writing a novel.

Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned…or determined to stop a killer.

Several weeks after being set up for a crime she didn’t commit and almost being killed by a fellow FBI agent in the process, Amelia Storm is ready for a new assignment. But nothing could have prepared her for what lies ahead—a spate of brutal killings so unusual the Organized Crime agent and her partner have no choice but to team up with members of Violent Crimes.

When three dismembered bodies are discovered, all evidence points to a madman…especially when a nineteen-year-old goes missing. There’s something more to the case, though. A father. A child. Scattered body parts.

Is a serial killer on the loose? Or something worse?

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