STORY OF MURDER by Jack Parker


STORY OF MURDER by Jack Parker
English | 2020 | Mystery & Crime | ePUB | 2.7 MB

Jack Parker is great mystery writer. He has written so many mystery novels. This author is so full of ideas!

An English assignment becomes much stranger as five teenagers find themselves at the centre of the murder story they chose to review. Trying to stop the killer, they find things aren’t so black and white.

With my best disapproving sneer, I looked at the book my friend Kate held in her hands for our inspection. ‘You have got to be kidding me,’ I stated flatly.

Kate pouted, seemingly unperturbed by my lack of enthusiasm – or more probably used to my bouts of sullenness considering she’d been my friend since playgroup. Still as unnervingly cheerful as that first day when I’d sat down beside her in the sandbox and pulled on her pigtails to get her to notice me. Her hazel eyes glinting with amusement, she shook her head disapprovingly, causing the now much shorter braids to swing in front of her face. ‘Ah, come on Blake,’ she tried in her most persuasive voice. ‘This was your idea after all.’

I sighed and folded my arms firmly across my chest, refusing to give in. ‘My idea was to pick a trashy sci-fi or horror novel, preferably involving lesbian vampires,’ I informed her before leaning slightly closer to regard the cover of the book Kate held with distain. ‘That is quite clearly not featuring any scantily clad young females. I mean ‘The Killer Wore Black’ … even the title sucks.’

From my left another sigh informed me that Keiran had chosen to enter the debate. ‘That’s the whole point, remember?’ he said with a roll of his grey eyes. ‘Pick a really trashy book for this assignment and see how long it takes for Sikes to realise we’re taking the piss. And wouldn’t lesbian vampires be giving the game away a little ahead of schedule?’ The teenager shook his head and ran a hand through the short bleached spikes before throwing a wink at me that made his eyebrow stud catch the light. ‘Plus not everyone is a raging pervert like you. Let’s show a bit of consideration to the girls, eh?’

I gave a snort of laughter. ‘You’re kidding right? The girls are far bigger perverts than a mere mortal like myself could ever hope to match.’ I was promptly pummelled from behind and yelped, bringing my hands up to protect my head. ‘Not the hair! Not the hair!’

‘You know,’ Carly’s voice spoke from right behind my ear and was accompanied by a pair of long arms that snaked loosely about my neck. ‘For someone who likes to pretend to be so macho, you’re awfully vain.’ One of the arms raised in front of my face, the many bangles and bracelets clanking together at the movement as she ruffled a hand through my dark hair.

I scowled and turned to face Kate’s evil twin. ‘Don’t mess with the hair,’ I grumbled, trying to sort the slightly too long strands back into some semblance of order. Seeing the blonde about to giggle, I stuck my tongue out at her. ‘I’ll have you know the mysterious and brooding image works pretty fucking well on the girls. They all drool over me during lessons.’

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