Strangers and Cousins by Leah Hager Cohen

Strangers and Cousins

Strangers and Cousins by Leah Hager Cohen
English | 2019 | General Fiction | ePUB | 1.8 Mb

Strangers and Cousins:A novel about what happens when an already sprawling family hosts an even larger and more chaotic wedding: an entertaining story about family, culture, memory, and community.

In the seemingly idyllic town of Rundle Junction, Bennie and Walter are preparing to host the wedding of their eldest daughter Clem. A marriage ceremony at their beloved, rambling home should be the happiest of occasions, but Walter and Bennie have a secret. A new community has moved to Rundle Junction, threatening the social order and forcing Bennie and Walter to confront uncomfortable truths about the lengths they would go to maintain harmony.

Meanwhile, Aunt Glad, the oldest member of the family, arrives for the wedding plagued by long-buried memories of a scarring event that occurred when she was a girl in Rundle Junction. As she uncovers details about her role in this event, the family begins to realize Clem’s wedding may not be exactly what it seemed. Clever, passionate, artistic Clem has her own agenda. What she doesn’t know is that by the end, everyone will have roles to play in this richly-imagined ceremony of familial connection – a brood of quirky relatives, effervescent college friends, ghosts emerging from the past, a determined little mouse, and even the very group of new neighbors whose presence has shaken Rundle Junction to its core.

With Strangers and Cousins, Leah Hager Cohen delivers a story of pageantry and performance, hopefulness and growth, and introduces a winsome, unforgettable cast of characters whose lives are forever changed by events that unfold and reverberate across generations.

“She listened as he recapped the evening’s revelations, at the end of which she gestured with her spoon. “You’re saying it’s really going to happen.”

“I’m saying it already is. Ben—right down the road, you know Garvey’s old place? As of last week there’s a new family living there.”

“Black hat?”

He managed to combine a confirmatory nod with a reproachful wince at her use of the slang. Never mind that she’d picked it up from him; Walter had grown up around Orthodox Jews in New York.

“You’re saying it’s time, then. For us to move?”

He let a few more seconds elapse, out of respect or as a kind of condolence—after all, she is the one with roots here—before granting, “I am.”

She’d called the Realtor the next morning. Not being one to wallow.”

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