Stray Dogs by Freya Faust

 Stray Dogs

Stray Dogs by Freya Faust (The Burke Misadventures #1)
English |2021 |Fantasy| ePUB | 7.4 MB

Join the Order of Magic’s Black Operations: travel, meet interesting mages, and destroy them!

When Ed and Des Burke first heard that pitch, the answer was an easy ‘yes’, especially since the other option meant never using their magic ever again. So they threw themselves into the Order’s dirty work, cleaning up messes that the Nine liked to pretend didn’t exist.

But all that has changed. Someone in Black Ops has decided that the Burke siblings are a liability.

And when the Order’s most accomplished killer comes after them, it doesn’t take an elementalist to figure out they’ve been burned.

Old friends won’t take their calls, so the Burkes turn to an old enemy instead — a shapeshifter whose quicksilver support leads to a transformation in Ed and a showdown well above Des’s weight class…

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