Street Cultivation 2 by Sarah Lin

Street Cultivation 2

Street Cultivation 2 by Sarah Lin
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

I’m Sarah Lin, a writer who wants to take her shot at the LitRPG genre. This post is partially an introduction, partially a pledge to any potential readers. Though I would love to write a lot of different books, I have rent to pay. I also know readers have been burned by a lot of unfinished books, abrupt endings, and cliffhangers.

In the modern world, qi is money.
The days of traveling martial artists and mountaintop masters are over. Power is controlled by corporations, modernized martial arts sects, and governments. Those at the bottom of society struggle as second class citizens in a world in which power is a commodity.
Rick may have survived the multi-tier tournament, but that doesn’t mean his life will be easy. He finds the search for a better job is filled with traps and pitfalls, his sister is coming to terms with her dark power, and vendettas old and new plague them. This time, his journey will take him from the city to the wilderness…

In the modern world, qi is money. Problem is, Rick doesn’t have much of either to spare. Between his dead-end job taking punches at the local lucrim combat gym and paying for his sick sister Melissa’s school fees, it’s a struggle to make ends meet. On top of that, Melissa suffers from a condition that drains her lucrim and threatens her life.

When a group of rich young men with powerful Birthright Cores decide to cause trouble at the gym, Rick knows he should just accept the inevitable beating, but his pride gets the better of him and he stubbornly fights back as best he can. Eventually, Rick’s boss steps in to call off the fight, and Rick manages to stay on his feet long enough to watch Mike leave before passing out.

He wakes up to find his injuries healed by his favorite client, Lisa, but soon has to rush off to help his sister survive a serious lucrim seizure. His bad day then gets worse when he checks his mail and discovers that his absentee parents have both been killed. Though he hasn’t heard from them in years, as the next of kin it falls to him to settle their affairs.

At the lawyers’ offices, Rick discovers his pit-fighting Uncle Alan waiting to claim his parents’ inheritable lucrim cores, and is forced to fight him in a ritual challenge. Rick barely wins the challenge, only to discover that in addition to the meager cores, he is saddled with three Aura Leeches to pay off his parents’ debts. To stave off the extra drain on his income, Rick asks his coworker Henry to help him join the local underground fighting ring called the Underground.

At first, Rick outperforms his own expectations and manages to earn some valuable prize money. That changes when the arena’s eccentric owner, Alger, surprises the novice fighters by throwing them into a melee against a savage, overwhelmingly-powerful fighter named the Slayer. Rick survives against the odds, but his left arm is shattered. Worse, the Slayer then hunts him down in the infirmary and tries to murder him. Rick seeks refuge with Granny Whitney, a kindly-seeming old lady who had offered to heal his arm… and then promptly murders the Slayer and blackmails Rick into fighting for her in the arena.

With his arm healed, Rick resumes his training, but is surprised to receive a legal summons from a company called Maguire Incorporated. It turns out that an experimental lucrim core had passed into Rick’s lucrima soul during his fight with the Birthrighter, Mike, and his father’s company wants it back. Rick surrenders the core without incident, but runs into a furious Mike on the way out and finds himself the subject of a vicious grudge.

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