Stuck with You by Alexandra Moody

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Stuck with You by Alexandra Moody
English | 2020 | Romance | ePUB , Azw3 | 1.6 MB

Stuck in lockdown with the one guy she can’t stand, what could possibly go wrong?
Seventeen-year-old Clary’s senior year has gone up in flames. Thanks to a pandemic sweeping the world, school is canceled and everyone’s going into lockdown. To top it off, her parents are stranded overseas with no way to get home.

Just when Clary thinks things can’t get any worse for her, she finds out she’s being sent into lockdown with the most irritating guy on the planet—Harford High’s notorious heartbreaker, Aiden Moore. Sure, Aiden is gorgeous, but he’s also completely arrogant and constantly trying to get under Clary’s skin. For most girls, quarantining with Aiden would be a dream come true. For Clary, it’s a total nightmare. But they’re about to become lockdown buddies whether Clary likes it or not, and resisting Aiden’s devilish charms might be harder than she thought.

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