Subway – Detective Lagarde by Clara Lewis

 Subway - Detective Lagarde

Subway – Detective Lagarde Series Book 2 by Clara Lewis
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 7 MB

Since young, I loved to read. My favourite classic reads were Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. I liked to watch detective mystery movies and TV series. Nowadays, I spend most of my available time writing. Do support my work and I will WRITE my best for you !

Detective Lagarde has solved an arsonist case after being transferred to the Detroit police department from LA. However, she’s faced with another challenge solving a crime involving an apparent serial killer who is notorious for murdering teenage girls.
She teams up with her colleague, Jerry to take down this killer. Still, the killer continues to hide in the shadows, concealing his identity carefully and escaping all CCTV cameras.
She tracks the killer one day to a subway where she suspects he’s about to dump another of his victims but instead she lands in a hospital.
Did she capture the killer?

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