Succubus Supreme by Simon Archer

Succubus Supreme

Succubus Supreme by Simon Archer
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 326 KB

Train your succubi, quest for your businesses, make a damn good pizza!

When Harrison came with his best friend Jerry to the mysterious land of Delom, he never would have guessed he would bring pizza to the world where everything works like a video game. Now the proud owner of Delom’s first pizzeria, there’s only one thing that Harrison needed to make his business complete: succubui delivery girls! And from there, Harrison has big plans to level up and expand his business all across Delom.

It all changes when a mysterious string of accidents plagues the pizzeria on the eve of Harrison’s big moment, it’s clear that someone wants to give him a game over. But if Harrison can figure out the rules of Delom’s game fast enough, he might just save not only his business, but the heart of the town in the process!

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