Sugar Pie Snuggles by Lorelei M. Hart

 Sugar Pie Snuggles

Sugar Pie Snuggles (Bake Sale Bachelors Season Two #7) by Lorelei M. Hart
English | 2021 |Romance MM| ePUB | 5 MB

Lorelei M. Hart is the cowriting team of USA Today Bestselling Authors Kate Richards and Ever Coming. Friends for years, the duo decided to come together and write one of their favorite guilty pleasures: Mpreg. There is something that just does it for them about smexy men who love each other enough to start a family together in a world where they can do it the old-fashioned way.

Sometimes second chances are baked in a pie…
Denis had the career of his dreams as the star of the Polar Bears hockey team until a stick to the knee took him off the ice—permanently. The guy responsible—his nemesis for nearly a decade—took a foul for it…a stinking foul. Lost and alone, he heads back to Dellburn. Hiding out in his hometown had never been his plan, but there he was doing just that.
Rylan loves his job running the arts program at the local community center. It allows him to give back, while doing what he loves. His career fills his days—but at night? The loneliness sets in. Spending his life single had never been his plan, but there he was doing just that.
When the Annual Pi Day Bake Sale to raise funds for the local children’s hospital comes around, Denis bids on a pie that reminds him of the one who got away. Little does he know, that’s exactly who made it. Reconnected after years apart Denis and Ryan’s love is rekindled, but is love enough when their futures still look so different?

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