Summer Under the Stars by Catherine Ferguson

Summer Under the Stars

Summer Under the Stars by Catherine Ferguson
English | 2019 | Romance| ePUB | 458 Kb

Summer Under the Stars: The laugh-out-loud new novel from the bestselling author, perfect for fans of Sarah Morgan, Jo Watson and Holly Martin.

Daisy’s had a tough year. After losing her mother and struggling with a job she hates, she really needs a break.

So, when her boyfriend suggests a summer getaway, Daisy jumps at the chance, organising a romantic trip to her friend Clemmy’s new glamping site. What better to help her heal than long walks in the fresh air and sipping prosecco under the stars?

But Daisy didn’t realise Toby hates all things outdoorsy – he’s far more bothered about working on the WiFi than walking in the wilderness. And when Toby isn’t there for Daisy when she needs him most, she starts to question whether he really is The One… especially with writer Jake distracting her from across the lake.

Will this be the relaxing getaway Daisy was hoping for? Or is this summer destined to end in disaster…?

“Oh.’ Absently blowing on her newly varnished nails, she contemplates me with the slightly worried frown I’ve grown used to lately. ‘I put them in the kitchen drawer when I was clearing up. I … um … wasn’t sure you’d be going. What with … everything that’s happened.’

My eyes flash with impatience. ‘Of course I’m going. It’s Mum’s special day and this is her birthday treat. You know she loves musicals. Especially this one.’

Rachel nods, murmuring, ‘Oklahoma!

‘Precisely, and I need to get a move on,’ I call, haring through to the kitchen and pulling open the messy drawer where all the miscellaneous items live. ‘Or else I’m going to be late. The performance starts at two.’ Finding the tickets, I sigh with relief.

‘Are you getting the bus in?’ Rachel is hovering in the doorway. ‘Shall I come with you?’

I turn away from her to close the drawer, suppressing a sigh and flicking my eyes to the ceiling. ‘There’s really no need, Rachel. But thanks for offering.’

I love Rachel to bits. But I wish she wouldn’t fuss so much. I’m absolutely fine, and I’ve told her that over and over again, but she obviously thinks I’m lying.

Rachel and I have been friends ever since we worked as reporters on the same local newspaper when I was fresh out of journalism school.

Our career paths have diverged a little since then. We’re both thirty-two. But while Rachel has worked her way up to be chief sub-editor at a well-known glossy magazine, saving enough to own this house, I spend my days writing about flappers and float valves. This sounds more boring than it is. Actually, scratch that. It’s exactly as tedious as it sounds. But it pays the rent.”


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