Summerhouse Reunion – The Complete Story by Kathi Daley

Summerhouse Reunion - The Complete Story

Summerhouse Reunion – The Complete Story by Kathi Daley
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.0 MB

Kelly Green and her sister Kayla grew up summering on a small island off the coast of Northern California. After Kayla’s death, Kelly returns to the island where she joins three friends from her past, to commemorate both, Kayla’s life, and the life of a sixteen year old girl who disappeared from the island twenty five years earlier. Now in their early forties, each of the four remaining friends struggle to find a way to deal with their loss while also dealing with their own personal crisis.
Meanwhile, the new sheriff on the island, also a childhood friend, seems to have stumbled onto an interesting pattern the previous sheriff overlooked: A sixteen year old girl has gone missing from the island every fifth summer since Peggy disappeared. Some were assumed to have run away, while others were reported as missing, but one thing was for certain, none of the girls were ever seen again.
As the sheriff, the women, and other friends from the past, work together to piece together the random clues they hope will provide a mirror to the past, disturbing evidence begins to surface suggesting that the next girl to disappear will disappear this summer.
In the second installment of the three part story, Kelly, Carrie, and Nora, are joined by Quinn, who together, revisit the past in the hope of finding answers to a twenty five year old mystery. While the details surrounding the mystery seem to have gaps that can’t be explained, things begin to come together after Kelly shares Nora’s story about Cherry with Sam. Determined to find out whether this mystery woman is still alive, or if she was, in fact, victim number four, Sam hunts for answers, only to find, when a girl turns up dead, that perhaps their assumptions were wrong all along.
Meanwhile Kelly is spending her time at The Perfect Tan Surfing Competition, Carrie is busy moving into her condo, Quinn is conflicted as work clashes with her much needed vacation, and Nora struggles with the decision she knows it is well past time to make.
In the third installment of this three-part story, Sam puts everything he has into finding the most recent missing girl in the hope that she is still alive. Quinn and Kelly discuss the situation and decide to take matters into their own hands.
Things go from dicey to downright dangerous once Quinn and Kelly set off on their secret journey to a forbidden place. Will their clue finding mission provide them what they need to save this this girl or will it simply result in two additional deaths for Sam to solve?

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