Summertime Santa by Carly Keene

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Summertime Santa by Carly Keene (Love Lake Short Sweet Instalove Romance 1)
English | 2020| Romance| ePUB | 1.3 MB

My mom’s cancer is in remission now, but she’s begged me to spend my summer with her at her lake house, and I’ve agreed.
I’ve always loved the lake, especially the Christmas in July festivities that go on all month. Boat parades, fireworks, visits from Santa on his personal watercraft, ice cream at the pier — what’s not to enjoy? Love Lake is absolute proof that a woman doesn’t need a boyfriend to have a great life.
The tiny little accident that lands me, fully dressed and made up, in the lake near the pier would’ve been no big deal, really, except that Santa stops handing out candy canes and jumps into the lake to “save” me.
When he hauls me onto the pier, I can see that he’s dripping with sex appeal as well as with lake water. And when he asks me out? Summer gets hotter than ever.

I’m plenty busy with my normal duties as a Game and Inland Fishery Warden at Love Lake. But when I get roped into performing as the Summertime Santa at the lake’s Christmas in July festivities, I have to just suck it up and deal. Hey, SOMEBODY has to be Santa, right?
Might as well be me.
And when the curvy beauty in the white dress trips over a set of oars and falls off the pier into the lake, I’m glad I’m there to save her. Even streaming lake water, with her makeup ruined and her dress gone see-through, she’s the sexiest girl I’ve ever met.
Santa’s got a big package just for her . . .

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