Sunscorch by Aaron Oster


Sunscorch (Rise to Omniscience #8) by Aaron Oster
English | 2020 |Fantasy| ePUB | 3.3 MB

Aaron has been a huge fantasy nerd for as long as he can remember. He’s an especially big fan of epic fantasy and LitRPG. He’s always loved writing, so he decided to give it a shot! He doesn’t much like his day job, and would prefer to become a full time author. (Hey, everyone’s got a dream!)

Pentagon has been defeated, although Morgan’s fight has not yet reached its end. New and old enemies are converging, threatening the hard-won peace achieved with this latest victory.
When he is attacked unexpectedly, Morgan finds himself on his own, forced to pick between two difficult choices. War is on the horizon, World Beasts are rising, and everything Morgan has worked to achieve is crumbling around him.
Will he finally reach the very Pinnacle of power, or will he fail and fall before the might of those who wish to see him dead?

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