Super Babes 4 by Jeremy Zenith

Super Babes 4

Super Babes 4 by Jeremy Zenith
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB |2.7 MB

Level Up. Build a Harem. Save the World.
Paragon has defeated every supervillain in Eros City, becoming its most celebrated hero in years. Along with his team of sexy superheroines, he’s all set to join the most elite team of superheroes on Earth. Things couldn’t be better…but they sure can get worse.
Paragon’s archenemy the Monolith has teamed up with four other deadly supervillains to take over the United States, and guess what? They did it. Now it’s up to Paragon and his beautiful warriors to begin overthrowing the villains, starting with the psychic Mind Mistress and the aquatic Killer Whale, along with an army of fearsome monsters. The Super Babes are going on a road trip! And you’ll be along for the ride.

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