Survey One by Andrew Beery

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Survey One by Andrew Beery (The Cold Earth Chronicles #1)
English | 2020| Sci-Fi| ePUB | 1.3 MB

The survey ships were the biggest ships ever built by the hand of man. They had to be. Despite the name, they were great arks designed as the home of last resort for all that remained of humanity. Our homeworld, Earth, had been threatened many times in our history. The Riker family had always managed to counter those threats… that was until thirty years ago. My name is Deborah Allen Riker. My friends call me Admiral Dare. This is my story.

I’ve had better nights. Hell, I’ve had better nightmares. The smell was beyond atrocious. If somebody ever tries to tell you Sagia III is a dream vacation destination, just shoot them… or shoot yourself. Either way don’t believe them. The only reason I was tromping through the underbrush of this hellhole in the middle of the night was because as bad as it was at night… it was worse during the day. If mother nature had an ugly stepsister with bad hygiene habits and smelly armpits… that would be Sagia III.

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