Survival by Bruno Miller


Survival by Bruno Miller (Cloverdale Book 2)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 2.6 Kb

Survival : Would you survive?
Vince Walker and the remaining survivors from the town of Cloverdale, Indiana continue to come to terms with their new reality. Accepting the fact that the country has been thrust into nuclear war with an unknown enemy means they must forget their former lives and forge ahead.
The affects of the EMP blasts have left the survivors with no utilities, and no communication with the world outside of their once sleepy little town. A power surge also resulted in widespread fires, destroying most buildings and homes, leaving few resources intact.
The challenge of living is made even tougher by a roving gang of looters that will stop at nothing short of killing Vince and his crew in order to take what few supplies remain.
Can they outlast their enemies? Or will the fight for survival become their last stand?

“Vince couldn’t make out anything through the thick smoke. He was disappointed to see the smoke hadn’t thinned any since he’d last been outside. Of course, he wasn’t surprised or expecting it to improve much; it had only been a few hours and there were numerous fires still raging in the distance.

“How many?” Vince asked.

“I only saw one set, but it’s hard to tell with all the smoke. I beeped the horn as soon as I saw them and then went door to door, waking people up.” Bill clutched his rifle in both hands.

“You did good. I need you to take your position back in the truck and honk the horn if you see them again. I’ll go check on the others and get them into position,” Vince said.

“Okay, Major.” Bill headed back to the truck as Vince moved on to the Morgans’ room. He was about to knock when Reese cracked the door open and did her best to hold Buster back. She looked tired—and understandably so. She rubbed her eyes as she tried to block the doorway with her legs. Buster managed to force his nose through the small opening and sniffed wildly at the outside air.

“My dad’s coming. Just getting his shoes on.” Reese struggled to keep Buster from gaining any more ground.

“Okay, tell him to meet us at the truck. You and your mom stay in the room and keep your flashlights off, okay?”

“Okay. I’ll tell him.” She grabbed Buster’s collar and pulled him back but stopped before closing the door. “Are those same people back?” she asked.

“I’m not sure, but just to be safe, lock yourselves in after your dad leaves.”

“Okay.” She sighed and disappeared behind the door.”

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    Anyway to fix this? Would sure appreciate it!


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