Survival Road by Derek Shupert

Survival Road

Survival Road by Derek Shupert (Dead State #2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 472 Kb

Survival Road: He survived the first wave. But the road ahead swarms with corpses hungry for flesh…

Fifteen-year-old James remains haunted by what he’s had to do to stay alive. His one glimmer of hope remains the idea of reuniting with his mother and sister. But with the chasers spilling blood at every turn, he fears making it to the safe zone in Portland could be impossible.

When a fellow survivor arrives with a working vehicle, James persuades him to arm up and take the long journey westward. Hunted by the ravenous undead, they must rely on dubious allies to keep the quest alive. And each step toward safety seems more dangerous and deadly…

Can James survive to find his family on the other side of an infected wasteland?

Survival Road is the second book in a thrilling post-apocalyptic series. If you like three-dimensional characters, relentless zombies, and gritty action, then you’ll love Derek Shupert’s survivalist tale. Buy Survival Road to tag along on an undead road trip today!

“The man points toward Duke. “I had a dog similar to him way back when. They can be headstrong, but great companions.”

My eyes cut down to Duke, who ceases his vigorous scratching. He glances up to me and licks around his snout. “Yeah. He can be a pain in the butt for sure, but he’s my pain in the butt.”

The man takes a single cautious step toward us. He extends his hand out. “My name is Lucas, by the way.”

Cautiously, I reciprocate the gesture. “James. This is Duke.”

Lucas trains his attention on Duke, who remains alert, with his ears on end, but doesn’t bear his teeth or crouch down. “May I?”

“Yeah. He doesn’t seem to think you’re a threat. After all, he did run up to you and roll over onto his back. Not exactly intimidating when they flash their junk at you.”

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