Survive by Lisandra Pereira


Survive by Lisandra Pereira
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 534 Kb

Survive: “Cynthia looked out her bedroom window and all she could see were bodies. There were at least ten of them laying in the middle of the road and the moonlight illuminated their wounds. Some had their stomachs ripped apart, others had gouges in their faces. Never having seen a dead body, she silently stared.”

“Cynthia hesitated at the thought of what her mother always told her. She should never accept anything from strangers, or even speak to them, no matter how nice they seemed. Yet her growling stomach begged her in such a way that she could not fight it any longer. Sitting up straight, she grabbed the sandwich out of the man’s hand, unwrapped it and took a huge bite. Her taste buds exploded with flavor, and soon her hunger was gone, just like the sandwich.

“T-thank you,” was all she managed to blurt out.

“What’s your name?” the man that had offered her the sandwich asked, placing his hand over a gun that laid on the floor next to him.

A wave of fear overcame her. They had guns and they were big, too. Nothing compared to her dad’s little one. They could kill someone, like her dad killed Mr. Stevens.

“Whoa, it’s okay. We’re not gonna hurt you,” the second man said, picking up on her panic. “I’m Thomas Mayhem and this is my brother, Dave.”

“Hi,” Dave said, waving playfully. The slogan on his dirty t-shirt had become unreadable, because it was covered in blood. He looked strong, too. In fact, they both did

“I’m Cynthia,” she hesitantly said, trying to stand up. “Cynthia Collins.”

Her legs shook like jelly as she tried to balance herself. She felt light-headed, but at least most of her strength was back. It was when the men stood up with her that she realized how tall they were. Thomas was a bit shorter than Dave, but he was still huge.”

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