Survive The Dark by K. M. Fawkes

Survive The Dark

Survive The Dark by K. M. Fawkes (At Any Cost Book 1)
English | 2019 | Apocalyptic | ePUB | 1.5 Mb

Survive The Dark : When the nanovirus spread, he was forced to abandon everything.
But when the EMP strikes, will anything be left to reclaim?
Garrett is an architect, of sorts. A renovator of unique dwellings, he makes his living creating luxury doomsday bunkers for a wealthy, paranoid clientele. He never thought he’d end up living in one…
As a mysterious “nano virus” ravages the world above, Garrett hunkers down in a former missile silo in the New Mexico desert. Underground, he’s as equipped and prepared as can be, save for the grinding loneliness, and mounting horror of witnessing the fall of human civilization.
Then one night, everything changes. A series of blasts in the sky, and then all of a sudden, every electronic device is rendered useless, including — he hopes — the nanobots responsible for decimating the population.
In the wake of the EMP, Garrett’s doomsday bunker goes from survivalist haven to ready-made grave. He knows he’s going to have to leave, but has no idea what will be waiting for him, or what kind of people will have survived to tell the tale…

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