Sweet Summer Sunset by Delores Fossen

Sweet Summer Sunset

Sweet Summer Sunset by Delores Fossen (A Coldwater Texas Novel) Mass Market– June 25, 2019
English | 2019 | Romance | ePUB | 403 Kb

Sweet Summer Sunset : Coldwater’s most-wanted cowboy is just her best friend—until one sizzling summer kiss changes everything…

Rodeo rider Nico Laramie may have a not-so-squeaky-clean reputation with the women of Coldwater, but there are rules he doesn’t break. No bullies. No married women. And definitely not his best friend, Eden Joplin. So what exactly is Nico thinking, kissing Eden in front of her jerk ex-husband? With the proverbial bull out of the pen, Nico is about to get gored—hard.

Eden has secretly been writing a sex-advice blog called “Naughty Cowgirl,” but her divorce killed all her sexy inspiration. Then, when her gorgeous best friend kisses her in a way that makes her toes curl, suddenly Eden’s mojo is back. And the heat isn’t going away. Now something deep and long-denied is happening between them. Something that could destroy their friendship…or finally prove that this time it’s the real deal.

“About a half hour later, Nico heard the clomp of boots coming up the stairs, and he looked up to see his assistant, Wally “Hog” Hannigan, step into the doorway of his office. Hog was a hulk of a man, and he was true to his name, thanks to a nose that’d been broken and poorly set so many times that it now resembled a snout. His hair didn’t help. It was a mix of pale ginger and gray spiky sprigs that looked pig-pink in the wrong light. Somehow, it always seemed to be the wrong light.

There must have been something telling in Nico’s expression because Hog sighed. “You okay, kid?” the man asked.

Kid. Not Nico. It didn’t matter that Nico was nearly thirty-one and that he was Hog’s boss. The man had called him that since they’d first met when Nico had been sixteen and learning to ride bulls. Nico figured he had a better chance of stopping Liddy Jean’s protests than he did of getting Hog to call him anything else.

“I’m fine,” Nico assured him, and that was mostly true. Mostly.

Hog nodded, but his faded green eyes let Nico know he wasn’t buying it. Nor would he push it.

“You know how bad news comes in threes?” Hog asked, but he didn’t wait for Nico to say anything about that. “Well, sorry, but you’ve got a big-assed set of three.” Hog held up his index finger, counting them off. “I just got the word that you drew BYB for the Bluebonnet Charity Rodeo.”


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