Swimming with Warlords by Kevin Sites

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Swimming with Warlords: A Dozen-Year Journey Across the Afghan War by Kevin Sites
English | 2014 |Biographies & Memoirs | EPUB | 6.8 MB

In this electrifying first-person account, journalist and author Kevin Sites goes deep into the geopolitical morass of Afghanistan to emerge with critical insights into both a people and a war that few truly comprehend.

As a journalist for NBC News, Kevin Sites made his first trip to Afghanistan in October 2001, crossing the Amu Darya River at night, traveling with Northern Alliance fighters as they toppled the Taliban regime with the help of American forces. In that first 100 days, he lost seven colleagues and nearly his own life. Since then, Sites has returned five more times. On his last trip in summer 2013,on the eve of America’s planned withdrawal, he retraced the steps of his first original odyssey to examine what, if anything, has changed.


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