Taken by Lisa Stone


Takenby Lisa Stone
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 4.5 MB

As a writer of suspense thrillers I often ask myself what if? What if this happened instead of that? Or why a particular person reacted as they did. So often fact is stranger than fiction and these books start with a fact which I develop. You may be surprised to know, for example, just how many patients experience changes in their likes and dislikes after a transplant operation ~ The Darkness Within. Or how easy it is to look into someone’s home through their CCTV ~ Stalker.

Just a little bit about me. I live in England and have three children. I have always been a writer – from when I was at school, with poems and articles in the school magazine. In my teens I began writing short stories, a few radio plays and novels. I finally made it into the bestseller charts with Damaged in 2007 which I wrote under the pseudonym Cathy Glass. Since then I have had 28 books published, many of which have become international bestsellers.

Have you seen Leila?

8-year-old Leila Smith has seen and heard things that no child should ever have to. On the Hawthorn Estate, where she lives, she often stays out after dark to avoid going home.

But what Leila doesn’t know is that someone has been watching her in the playground. One day, she disappears without a trace…
The police start a nationwide search but it’s as if Leila has vanished into thin air. Who kidnapped her? What do they want? Will she return home safely or is she lost forever?

Kelsey heard the front door of the flat below slam shut. The walls, ceilings and floors were so thin you could almost hear someone having a shit. She guessed most of her neighbours could hear the goings-on in her flat, but what the hell. That was her business. In the small light coming from the hall Kelsey looked at the man lying next to her in bed, whose name she couldn’t remember, if she ever knew it. He was proving difficult to get rid of and had become angry and aggressive when she’d told him it was time to go.

She’d managed to pacify him with more rough sex and thankfully he’d fallen asleep and was now flat on his back, snoring like a pig. But she still had the problem of getting rid of him. Just because they paid, some clients thought they could do what they wanted, which they could within reason – consenting adults and all that – but it didn’t mean they could stay for as long as they wanted. Once the job was done and their time was up, she couldn’t get rid of them fast enough. Some took liberties. A few guys just wanted to talk after having sex, which was a pain but manageable. But the big blokes – alpha males – could easily become abusive if they didn’t get their way. Too much testosterone, Kelsey thought. Fine for getting it up, but not so good for putting it away and going home. This one would need some help.

Careful not to disturb him, Kelsey slipped quietly from the bed. He grunted and turned over but stayed asleep. He’d overrun his time by nearly an hour, so she was entitled to some overtime pay, she decided. Picking up his trousers from where he’d thrown them on the floor, she carefully slid out his wallet and removed two twenty-pound notes. There were three left so hopefully he wouldn’t notice two were missing until he was long gone. Added to the sixty pounds he’d already paid her, she now had a hundred quid, which was plenty to buy some more coke and something to eat. She was craving both. Starving, shivering, her head throbbed and she felt cold, exhausted and anxious, a sure sign she was withdrawing and needed another fix. The lads, Mike and Jason, would be in the play area dealing by now. She’d get some stuff and then buy fish and chips. But first she needed to get rid of the pig in her bed.



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