Taking Comfort by R.N. Morris

Taking Comfort

Taking Comfort by R.N. Morris (Roger Morris)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Rob Saunders just wants to feel safe, but the world is a dangerous place. It’s Rob’s first day in his new job. On the way into work, he sees a student throw herself under a tube train. Acting on an impulse, he picks up a file she dropped as she jumped. Over the next few days, he is witness to other disturbing events, some more serious than others. From each one he takes a ‘souvenir’. Through these objects, he hopes to keep at bay the dangers and terrors that threaten him. The more terrible the tragedy an object is associated with, the greater its power. As Rob’s behaviour becomes increasingly obsessive, the lines blur between witnessing, seeking out and initiating tragedy. His relationship with his partner Julia becomes strained. She wants a baby, but Rob is reluctant to bring another life into a world that frightens him. Meanwhile he is on the verge of initiating an edgy affair with a colleague. Events begin to spiral out of control when he makes a frightening discovery while jogging in the woods. And the danger that he fears invades his life with terrifying violence.


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