Tales from the Skies by Katherine McIntyre

Tales from the Skies

Tales from the Skies by Katherine McIntyre
English | 2019 | Fantasy| ePUB | 1.5 Mb

Tales from the Skies : Dive back into the world of Take to the Skies with these tales featuring bounty hunters, airship pirates, and a certain crew of the Desire…

“Sunlight poured outside the entrance with blinding rays, and several of the crew stepped ahead to lead the way while Blackwind continued his measured pace beside her. Those heavy leather boots echoed again and again. Candace swallowed, hard, her throat dry. They stepped out onto the streets of New Boston, billows of dust from the beaten dirt roads drifting with the seaside breezes.

“Look, we’ve got you surrounded, so be sensible,” Blackwind murmured beside her as he lowered his pistol. “I don’t want to shoot you.”

Candace arched a brow, ignoring the fear that zapped her strength. “With the way you were aiming that thing at my head, you’ve got a funny way of showing it.”

He flashed a broad smile, the same dangerous one he’d entered with. “Little did I know the powder keg we’d be toting away.”

“Now that you’ve realized I’m explosive merchandise, how about letting me go?” The words flew from her lips before she could help herself. With that cold steel removed from her skin, feeling returned to her fingers and toes.

They cut a quick pace down Dead Man’s Alley, a narrow, uneven path to the dock where rot lingered in the air.

“Can’t do, sweetheart,” Blackwind responded. “Right now, we haven’t the slightest where Whitmore’s disappeared to, and you’re the only hope we have for drawing him out.
Best tactic right now was to follow along. While he spoke in a casual, disarming manner, he’d also been brazen enough to walk into the bar and whisk her away at gunpoint. However, he didn’t seem to be binging on bloodlust like the Morlocks who wandered into the Copper Rose. Otherwise, he’d be keeping her at gunpoint or knifepoint the whole way, and his motley crew would’ve blown Joaquin’s brains out.”



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