Tears of Pestilence by LJ Rivers

 Tears of Pestilence

Tears of Pestilence by LJ Rivers (Ruby Morgan Book 4)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.0 MB

L.J. Rivers is the pseudonym for a writing-duo of one older chap and one younger dame. L and J are both from Norway, living on opposite corners of the country, so they rarely get to meet face to face.

When tears turn scarlet, death is imminent.
My life is spinning out of control, and nothing is as I believed. While I am proud of Mum for creating a haven for injured and hunted Mags—I can’t face her, her secrets, or her lies.
Instead, I bury myself in studies, writing for The Whisper, working at the cinema, and adapting to my growing relationship with Brendan.
The world is becoming increasingly dangerous for anyone with magic in their veins. So, when a deadly virus threatens the whole Magical population, what can I say, all hell is about to break loose.

“Cheers!” Jen raised her glass. “To Charlie. For kicking arse with her grades.”

Charlie and I clinked our glasses with hers. Robbie Williams was singing “Angels” at a low volume, nearly drowned out by the thrum and chatter from the customers at the Old Willow, our regular pub on campus. The Christmas decorations were finally gone, though someone had forgotten to take down a string of fairy lights and an angel hanging in one of the windows.

Jen, Charlie, and I were looking forward to a new semester. All our exams for the autumn term were handed in, grades given, and we were ready to take on a new one. As ready as we could get, anyway. I only hoped this semester would come with a lot less drama.

“Ninety per cent average, Char,” I said, shaking my head. “I don’t know how you did it.”

Jen winked. “This one’s going places.”

Charlie had worked hard to get those stunning grades. So had I, though with a seventy-one per cent average, I barely made first honours. After everything that had happened, maybe I shouldn’t expect too much. The problem was that I did, and my average was way below where I wanted it to be, and certainly nowhere close to Charlie’s achievements. Hopefully, I could turn a new leaf this semester.

The glowing fairy lights reflected off the glass angel in the window, spilling light over Jen’s golden locks, which were swaying loosely over her shoulders. The ends were still bright pink from the night before. And what a night it had been. We had all dyed the tips of our hair for the occasion, but by now the pink had faded into a yellowish orange in my red. It never really stuck to Charlie’s dark brown tresses, giving them only a slight purple hue. The concert at The O2 was an experience I would never forget. Jen had miraculously managed to procure tickets for all of us. Brendan, Nick, and Duncan—with his new girlfriend, Gemma—were all there as well. And in the mist and spotlights, I had been able to forget about my worries for a night.

Charlie bumped my shoulder lightly. “Spoken to your mum yet?”

Why would she bring that up now? “I think you know the answer to that. You’ve been talking to her, haven’t you?”

“Jen!” Charlie peeked at Jen over her glasses.

The apparent French traitor stared back at her. “Hey, the girl deserves to know you’re all conspiring behind her back. Besides, between you and Brendan, Elaine is getting a full recount of everything. Stuff Ruby should be telling her herself, and it’s not fair on you guys.” She tilted her head at me. “You really should phone your mum, Red.”

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