Tell Me the Truth by Matthew Farrell

Tell Me the Truth

Tell Me the Truth by Matthew Farrell (Adler and Dwyer Book 2)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 6 MB

Eighteen-year-old Jenny Moore is looking forward to a fresh start at college. There’s just one problem: the people in her life won’t let her go.
When Jenny is viciously stabbed and left for dead, it’s her mother who finds Jenny’s body underneath the pines outside their home in the upscale town of Lewisboro, New York. State police investigator Susan Adler and her consultant partner Liam Dwyer are called to investigate the crime scene, but they sense something’s off right away.
The clues contradict the story Jenny’s parents keep telling, which makes the entire family suspects in Jenny’s murder. But who did it? Was it the wealthy father? The disappointed mother? The strange, quiet little brother? The jealous best friend? An ex-lover?
So many suspects. Too many secrets. One town with a history of hiding the truth.
But this is only the beginning of Susan and Liam’s investigation…because the killer is just getting started.

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