Tell No Tales by J M Dalglies

 Tell No Tales

Tell No Tales by J M Dalglies (The Hidden Norfolk Murder Mystery Series Book 4)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Father, husband and scribbler of all things crime fiction. British author of the Dark Yorkshire Series featuring DI Nathaniel Caslin.

In a world of lies, one truth remains. Dead men tell no tales…
When the body of an unidentified man is found at the foot of Sheringham cliffs with injuries inconsistent with a fall, DI Tom Janssen must piece together his final days to determine how he fell to his death… or who pushed him…
The investigation quickly reveals a network of locals with ties to the victim, but as for the man himself… he remains something of a mystery. The dead man doesn’t fit in; not with his social circle, not with his business interests and when others come looking for him, the intrigue only deepens.
Joined in the investigation by his new Detective Sergeant, Cassie Knight, Janssen uncovers closely guarded secrets alongside long-held grudges. Any one of them could be a motivation for murder. This man had powerful enemies and even more dangerous friends…
As the inquiry develops it is clear that someone wanted him dead but, a formidable character in his own right, who would dare to take him on? One death threatens to unravel a wider conflict where neither the innocent… or the guilty… can feel truly safe. Janssen must bring down the wall of silence encircling his childhood town, coming up against old antagonists as well as facing new adversaries, or risk an escalation in the violence.
Secrets are kept… Deceit is commonplace… And dead men Tell No Tales…

The town was so different from what she had been led to expect. This town… on the coast, with a beach running as far as the eye could see; usually bathed in sunshine. In many ways, it was a lot like home. But it wasn’t home and now it never could be. The beach was predominantly made up of stones and while the skies were powder blue and the sun shone, she couldn’t feel the warmth on her skin.

The cold cut to her core and she shivered. Drawing her coat ever more tightly around her she hunkered into it, casting a glance up the street. A few people were visible milling about around the greengrocer and getting ahead with their plans for the day. They paid her no heed as she sat on the bench in silence. Her coat was thick, heavy, but still she felt the chill. Apparently, it was normal for the time of year albeit a little on the cold side. The winter seemed to last so long here, as if it would never end. She could hear a song playing from a radio inside the nearby butcher’s shop. She’d heard it many times recently, performed by two brothers who sang about losing the feeling of love. It was popular and struck a chord with her.

Just a short while ago there seemed to be immense hope for the future, such promise of better days to come.

A fresh start.

But that was then. For a brief moment she contemplated how much her life had changed in such a short period. How it came to pass was clear. However, what the future would hold she didn’t know and dared not think about. The low rumble announced the approaching bus rounding the corner and a quick glance at the town clock saw it was right on time, as she was told it would be. Standing up, she reached down and looped her fingers around the handle of the weathered, brown leather suitcase at her feet containing all that she owned in the world.

The bus came to a stop alongside her, the noise from the engine growling as the door flipped open. She cast one last glance to either side of her, up and down the street, before hefting the suitcase onto the bus and clambering aboard. Several of the passengers eyed her as she took her seat but no one spoke. Placing the case at her feet, she slid across to sit beside the window. The bus pulled away from the kerb, jolting her backwards in her seat.

The conductor came to her, bracing himself against the seat in front as the bus lurched forward, and she purchased her ticket. His gaze lingered on her, longer than she felt necessary, as he handed over the slip of coloured paper and she averted her eyes from his. For a moment she thought he knew. They all knew. But he walked away without a word. The bus took the next turn and the sea came into view. The white caps of the breakers stood out in the bright sunshine, the light shimmering on the water. It was magical, bringing forth memories from her childhood just a few short years ago. She ached for it now.

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