Temple of Sand by Barbara Kloss

 Temple of Sand

Temple of Sand (The Gods of Men #2) by Barbara Kloss
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.3 MB

Sable, the healer, has been exposed for who she is: Imari, the illegitimate daughter of Istraa’s king, and a Liagé—someone born with forbidden Shah power. After ten years of hiding and surviving in the bitter cold Wilds, she is finally returning home.
But this isn’t the homecoming Imari had envisioned. Her father proclaimed her dead ten years ago, and with an anonymous Liagé leader operating in Istraa’s shadows, her father fears the people will blame Imari.
It could mean his throne, and her life.
Worse yet, the night Imari played her flute in Skyhold’s court unlocked something inside of her, and now her power will not quiet. Neither will the growing fury she feels on behalf of Istraa’s Sol Velorian labor—people Istraa has subjugated and abused for generations.
People who share her blood.
As that fury becomes too loud to ignore, Imari decides to find a way to use her position to liberate the Sol Velor. But can she free them without angering enemies hungry for the power she wields—a power that can rip the world apart?


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