Terrorist by Andrew Mackay


Terrorist by Andrew Mackay (Chrome Valley Thrillers Book 4)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 835 KB

A novelist, screenwriter and former teacher, Mackay is the creator of groundbreaking satire series ‘In Their Shoes’; the hilarious and often shocking journey of fictional newbie journalist Joy Attwood.

Two brainwashed students. One unprepared high school.
Student loner Daryl Kelly keeps to himself.
Misunderstood, most students at Chrome Junction Academy avoid him. They underestimate his genius at their peril, though. Angry at the world and everybody he knows, Daryl’s brainwashing himself into committing an act of terrorism that will ensure everyone knows his name long after he’s gone.
Freddie, Daryl’s classmate, couldn’t be any different.
He’s well-liked, and a good and trustworthy student. The same is true outside of the class, where his fundamentalist friends and relatives are brainwashing him into perpetrating an act of terrorism nobody will ever forget, or recover from.
Nobody saw it coming. The staff ignored all the warnings. They never thought it could happen to them.
Those in the school can hide, but they can’t run. Daryl has firearms. Freddie has explosives. They’re about to unleash their anger at the same place and time. Neither know of the other’s plan, but both of them know the media will make them superstars…

The second and third knuckle protruded from a clenched fist. The fleshy beast flew through the air, heading towards the kid’s face.

The third knuckle connected with bone first, pushing the cartilage to the left and against the young man’s cheek.

The fist wouldn’t relent. Over and over again, it flew back and forth, reducing the head of its recipient to a bloodied pulp.

The back of the boy’s head slammed against the painted brick work with each punch.

His shirt collar was held up by the other fist. The young man had no choice but to take his punishment.

The boy experiencing the pummeling was Toby Young, an IT and Media sixth form student. The event took place outside classroom Media 41. The class had ended. So, too, had the ability to remain upright as young Toby slowly lost consciousness.

The fist punching Toby Young in the face belonged to his classmate, Daryl Kelly.

Ten successive slams to the face. Still he kept on. Over and over again, slowing down, as his knuckles bled upon impact of the kid’s face. Was the blood from Toby’s nose or from the skin that was flailing from his own knuckles?

It was hard to tell.

Watching this assault was another student named Robert. Still reeling from the shock of this sudden action from Daryl, he kept his distance, fearing that he may be on the receiving end after his friend.

Daryl paused and extended the fingers on his right fist and waved away the trauma. He never broke his gaze from Toby’s battered eyes.

‘P-Please, man,’ Robert pleaded. ‘Stop it.’

Daryl kept Toby held up by his collar and scowled at Robert.

Toby’s face was beyond repair. His nose was throttled so badly that it practically hung from his face. The blood was unrelenting, spewing down his white t-shirt and onto his shoes.

Another witness – a dowdy sixteen year-old girl named Shannon Talbot – let Daryl do his thing. She wasn’t especially interested in saving Toby’s face, as it were. She even smiled as Daryl kept in complete control.

Daryl raised his fist, ready to strike Toby’s face once again.

Toby spat out some blood and shook his head as best as he could. He’d had enough punches to the face.

‘Daryl Kelly,’ an adult yelled from a few feet away, ‘What the hell is going on? What are you doing?’

The man sprinted over to the event and encouraged Daryl to unhand Toby at once, ‘You’ve lost your mind.’

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