That Kiss by Kay Bigelow

That Kiss

That Kiss by Kay Bigelow
English | 2021|Romance > FF| ePUB | 6 MB

Fenn Scott inherited a six-story building set on 107 acres in rural Vermont. The building was a former nunnery and seminary, and Fenn had no idea what to do with it. When she met and befriended three elderly women while she was rehabbing from a car accident, she decided to turn the building into a senior living community.

Jazz Segura was a building contractor who was recommended to Fenn to renovate her building. Jazz had a strict rule of not dating her clients that she enforced religiously, although her wild attraction to Fenn had Jazz questioning about her no-dating rule.

While they waited for state approval of the renovations, Fenn and Jazz tried to work out the conflicts that were weaving their way into their newly developing relationship. Fenn was prepared to leave town and move to Boston while the renovations were being done after Jazz decided that being with Fenn would not allow her to be her true self.

Will Fenn and Jazz be able to resolve the conflicts that are keeping them apart, or will they end their budding relationship without ever discovering if the happiness they both imagined was truly possible?

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