The Alterator’s Light by Dan Brigman

The Alterator's Light

The Alterator’s Light by Dan Brigman
English | 2019 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 1.6 Mb

The Alterator’s Light : What if you could bend, manipulate, and alter the energy around you?
Einar Amakiir has struggled for decades as a provincial Alterator in a land which no longer wants him, nor his kind. As a guardian in the land of Sacclon, Einar uses his ability and training to alter solar energy to heal, protect, enhance, and sometimes even kill. His protection of the province’s citizens has come at all costs, even to himself and his family.

The demands and memories of Einar’s lifelong position haunt him as he reaches home one evening to find it deserted…In his family’s sudden absence, an ancient menace of Blighters fills the void, threatening to upend Einar’s life, his position, and potentially his entire world. Einar must set aside his growing resentment and the rising malevolence to seek out his missing family. With the help of old friends, Einar’s search takes him into an unfathomable future.

To what lengths will Einar go with his powers of alteration to recover his family, while struggling to end the looming threat?

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