The Art of Arms by L. Fenn

The Art of Arms by L. Fenn
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB, .PDF, .MOBI/.AZW| 2.3 MB

In 2075 night has become day and the virtual world of IX—or the Immersive Xperience—is where everyone lives out their real lives.

Up to his twenty-first birthday, Leonard “Len” Adams and his mother eked out a meager existence of gold-farming in simulation games, but a miscalculation on their earnings leaves them short of rent.

After an arrest makes matters worse, Len is offered the opportunity of a lifetime… Or so he thinks. A beta for a VRMMORPG has opened up, and it’s taking people just like him—vagrants.

He’ll have limited contact to anyone outside of the in-game world once it starts, but there are a lot of credits to be made. In fact, he could be on to something far more rewarding than gold-farming. Problem is, having just finally gained the ability to turn off the adult filter on IX, he’s more of a noob in the virtual world than even he’s aware.

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