The Auction Kindle by John Reid

The Auction Kindle

The Auction Kindle by John Reid (DCI Steve Burt Mystery 1)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 6 MB

In his latest murder investigation, DCI Steve Burt is drawn into the sleazy underbelly of London – gentlemen’s clubs and all – while tracking down a serial killer who is murdering young women and dumping their bodies soon afterwards.
Then the body of an American professor is found floating in the Thames, and the DCI and his team find themselves involved in another murder case – which is by no means a straightforward killing. In his search for answers, the DCI and his nearest and dearest are threatened as he uncovers police corruption at the highest level. As the investigation unfolds, links are discovered between murder, an attempt to auction a stolen formula for green energy, and unauthorised CIA activity in London.
This is DCI Steve Burt’s most complicated and most baffling case to date.

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