The Ayurveda Solution to Type 2 Diabetes by Jackie Christensen, Pat Crocker

The Ayurveda Solution to Type 2 Diabetes

The Ayurveda Solution to Type 2 Diabetes: A Clinically Proven Program to Balance Blood Sugar in 12 Weeks by Jackie Christensen, Pat Crocker
English | June 15th, 2021 | Health, Fitness & Self-help | 275 pages | True EPUB | 8 MB


Dr Christensen has developed the perfect guidebook to help people navigate and understand the implications of Type 2 Diabetes from the Ayurvedic perspective with 48 delicious recipes. The Ayurveda Solution for Type 2 Diabetes: A Clinically Proven Program to Balance Blood Sugar in 12 Weeks will be the first book to:
• Trace the roots of Type 2 Diabetes through the Ayurvedic perspective
• Bring to life natural therapies that originated in Ayurveda, but are clinically proven and used in Western medicine
• Provide recent clinical research to support the most effective use of the diet, lifestyle, and herbal therapies
• Allow readers to discover their true nature and apply a constitution-specific program
• Include easy-to-follow bullet-point instructions
• Provide a 12-week program to balance blood sugar, including an 8-week elimination diet, a one-week detox, and a 3-week reintroduction of foods
• Incorporate an exercise journal, relaxation journal, food and blood-sugar journal to increase compliance
• Include delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes for each constitution

Modern medicine emphasizes the structure of the body; Ayurveda, on the other hand, focuses on the energies behind that structure—the doshas. Each chapter is full of extraordinary facts, clinical research, useful tips, and instructions for therapeutic self-application. Each therapy includes a brief yet compelling overview of how Ayurveda made these astonishing discoveries thousands of years ago, which are now clinically proven and implemented in Western medicine.

Following the 12-step program, which features an 8-week elimination diet, herbal therapies, dietary guidelines, lifestyle adjustments and fabulous recipes by award-winning culinary herbalist Pat Crocker, the reader will be on the road to getting her blood sugar under control and feeling better than she has in months or even years – knowing she is likely to be extending her life. Whether the reader is an Ayurveda novice or a serious student, the book – filled with practical advice, solid science and compassion – will be a valuable guide.

Ayurveda can fully thrive in today’s world, as its therapeutic approaches are proven through randomized controlled studies and adapted to a modern lifestyle. Ayurveda is supported through evidence-based scientific methods for the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes and has shown to get highly significant results. It is essential to integrate Ayurveda and modern medicine in treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, and The Ayurveda Solution for Type 2 Diabetes can help.

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