The Bad Nanny by Emily Shiner

The Bad Nanny

The Bad Nanny by Emily Shiner
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 6.9 MB

What if the person you trust to take care of your child isn’t who you think she is?

All Abigail wants is a little extra help around the house when her husband’s at work. She believes that a nanny is just what she needs to let her be a better mother and get back to work.

At first, her husband isn’t so sure. But after Abigail gets what she wants and hires Haley to take care of her daughter, she knows that her life is about to get better.

She can work. Get a full night’s sleep. Be the mother she wants to be.

But then she starts losing time. And when she finally finds out the truth of what’s happening, it may all be too late.

She trusted Haley to take care of her daughter. She never thought it would go this far.

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