The Barabbas Connection by Rick Jones

The Barabbas Connection

The Barabbas Connection by Rick Jones (The Vatican Knights Book 21)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.5 MB

Rick Jones was born and raised in the Boston area and moved to Las Vegas in the early eighties where he graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in English. He is retired from law enforcement and currently resides in Las Vegas where he writes fulltime.
Rick Jones is also the bestselling author of the Vatican Knight series, which is in pre-development to become a television series through Amber Entertainment with Ileen Maisel (Dangerous Liaisons and The Golden Compass) acting as executive producer.
He is also the bestselling author of the psychological thriller, THE MAN WHO CAST TWO SHADOWS; and the bestselling action/adventure series, THE CRYPTS OF EDEN, THE THRONES OF EDEN, CITY BENEATH THE SEA, THE SACRED VAULT, CITY WITHIN THE CLOUDS and CITY BENEATH THE ICE, along with the standalone THE MENAGERIE in the Savage/Moore action-adventure series.
He has also collaborated with author Rick Chesler on FIRST STRIKE.

During a visit to the United States, Pope Pius XIV is caught within the crosshairs of a lethal assassin.
After scores of people are killed during an event featuring the Pope’s address, a conspiracy theory emerges that the killings were conducted by one of the CIA’s own.
As the data trickles in, it becomes clear that the assassin is none other than Shari Cohen.
With the Vatican Knights serving as the pontiff’s protective detail, Kimball Hayden is crushed to learn that she’s involved with the assassinations.
While questions begin to rise as to why Shari Cohen performed the act, there are indications that lead to an elite assassin who was believed to be dead – Barabbas.
Now that Shari finds herself on the run from the CIA, is she the Barabbas of lore who was believed dead but has been resurrected?
Was she the tool of a conspiracy who was created to fulfill a dark agenda for a foreign power?
Has Shari Cohen gone rogue?
Or was she always a double agent?
As these questions plague the Vatican Knights, one thing becomes absolutely certain – Kimball Hayden now finds himself in a position to hunt down the woman he loves.

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