The Beggar’s Wrath by J.B. Drake

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The Beggar's Wrath

The Beggar’s Wrath by J.B. Drake (Unbroken Bond Book 2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB |1.1 Mb

The Beggar’s Wrath: Some sins just can’t be forgiven.

The plan worked, its execution flawless. Tip and Marshalla are hunted no longer. With the living essence of the chronodragon Anieszirel safe within Tip, the pair look to a brighter future within the Shimmering Tower, eager to put the nightmares behind them at last.

There are those for whom Tip and Marshalla’s misdeeds can never be forgotten, however, let alone forgiven, and from the shadows, these vengeful few weave a web that will see the pair dead and their allies broken.

Oblivious to the threat gathering around them, the pair look to a new life free of their former burdens, yet ignorant of the noose tightening about their necks.

With the element of surprise theirs, their enemies have the upper hand. The end seems all but certain for the pair. But Tip and Marshalla have Anieszriel, and that is one dragon you do not cross.

“How does it feel to be a Magister at last?”

“He’s still getting used to it,” Matriarch Earthchild said before Thuridan could draw breath.

“Is he, now?” Baern asked with a grin.

Fighting back a scowl, Thuridan turned to Tip.

“Come closer, Tip,” he said. “Don’t be shy.”

“That’s not shyness,” Matriarch Earthchild said, her gaze softening. “That’s fear.”

Taking a deep breath, the Matriarch rose from her seat and walked around her desk towards Tip. Stopping beside Baern, she stared down at the little boy, who looked up at her with a mix of fear, revulsion, and quite some hate. With a sigh, she went down on both knees before the little elf, smiling at him throughout.

“I don’t blame you for hating me, Tip. After all,it was I who ordered you be hounded like an animal. And yes, I gave the order for your friend Martha—”

“Marsha!” Tip yelled.

Naeve smiled. “Marsha. I gave the order for her to be used like she was. I am sorry for all I put you both through, but know that I had to stop Anieszirel no matter the cost. Would that I could explain to you the danger she posed, but I suspect she’s won your affections already. Nevertheless, I am sorry for all that you endured, truly, and I do hope by having you here you will learn to forgive me.”

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