The Best Friend by Liz Harris

The Best Friend

The Best Friend by Liz Harris
English | 2021|General Fiction| ePUB | 7 MB

Confident that the woman with whom Robert, her husband of nine years, has run off, wouldn’t be one of the three girls who’d been her closest friends since they’d started sharing a place in Camden Town eleven years earlier, Caroline walks up to the door of the house where, she’s discovered, Robert is living with the unknown woman, and rings the bell.
Reeling from shock when she hears the voice of the woman inside the house, her mind sweeps back to Camden Town eleven years ago, and the reader follows the story of trainee barrister Emily, would-be actress Terri Lee, PA Louise, and of Caroline herself.
The final chapter returns to the present, and the reader learns which of the three girls has stolen Caroline’s husband.

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