The Big Island Burglary by Carolyn Keene

The Big Island Burglary

The Big Island Burglary (Nancy Drew Clue Series Book 14) by Carolyn Keene
English | 2020| Children/Young Adult | Mystery | ePUB | 9.9 MB

Nancy is ready for fun in the sun when she joins Bess and George’s families on a trip to Hawaii. The girls are excited to take surfing lessons, swim with manta rays, and experience the beautiful sights of the Big Island. At a luau one night, the girls get to taste all kinds of yummy local specialties and are even invited up to help with a hula performance.

But during the show, one the other guests has his fancy camera stolen, and he’s sure someone there is the culprit. Luckily, Nancy, Bess, and George are on the case!

Can the Clue Crew see the big picture and zoom in on the thief in time to enjoy the rest of their trip? Or will this island adventure be a total washout?

A bald man in a flowered shirt sat at the next table snapping dozens of pictures. He aimed his giant camera at his two teenage kids, then at his redheaded wife, then at the man spinning fire. It seemed like he was trying to capture every single second of the show.

“Dad, stop it,” the teenage girl said, holding up her hand to block the camera. She had long brown hair and freckles, and wore purple high-top sneakers. Her brother was a foot taller than her. His black fauxhawk was gelled into place.

“And now, for what’s sure to be your favorite part of the evening,” the emcee announced, “the hula show! Can we have a few volunteers come up here to help us out?”

Bess’s hand shot up. She was more excited than she’d been all day.

“Yes, the young lady in the front!” The emcee was wearing a teal suit and tie. He pointed to Bess. “Would your friends like to join you?”

Nancy and George shook their heads. The luau was packed—there must’ve been two hundred people there. Nancy was getting stage fright just thinking about standing up in front of everyone.

“Come on. Please?” Bess begged. She grabbed Nancy’s arm. “I can’t go up there alone.”

Nancy could feel the entire crowd looking at them. They’d spent the afternoon snorkeling at the beach, but that hadn’t really been Bess’s thing. Her mask kept getting fogged up and she’d been worried that a giant sea turtle they’d seen was going to bite her. Maybe doing the hula with Bess wouldn’t be so bad.…

George shook her head again. “No way, no how! I’m not doing the hula in front of everyone.” She laughed, and her brown eyes went wide.

“Okay, I’ll go with you,” Nancy agreed. Bess nearly shrieked with delight as the girls made their way onto the stage. Bess was wearing her new dress, which had tiny palm trees all over it, and she fixed the skirt so it fell perfectly in place.

The emcee also pulled up the bald guy from the table next to them and an elderly couple from way in the back. He asked a set of triplets two tables over to come up, but they were too shy. The littlest one clung to his seat when the emcee came near him.

When Nancy looked out into the crowd, her hands started sweating. Everyone was watching them. She tried to focus on the two hula dancers who were showing them the moves, but she was only half paying attention. She’d never been onstage in front of so many people.

“Are you ready?” the emcee asked.

Nancy wasn’t so sure, but then the music started, and everyone swayed their hips back and forth. The two dancers stood a little bit in front of them. One was wearing a blue straw skirt, while the other’s skirt was purple, but they both had on colorful flowered tops. They moved their arms gracefully as they took a few steps sideways across the stage.

Nancy and Bess followed their lead. Every time the dancers stretched their arms out to the side, Nancy and Bess stretched their arms out to the side. Every time the dancers spun around, Nancy and Bess spun around. Bess was a natural, smiling and laughing as she did each new move, and soon Nancy was having fun too. By the time the dance was over, she’d forgotten she was even onstage.

“You girls were terrific!” Mr. Fayne said, brushing his floppy brown hair away from his face as they returned to their seats.

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