The Bodies at Westgrave Hall by Nick Louth

 The Bodies at Westgrave Hall

The Bodies at Westgrave Hall (DCI Craig Gillard #7) by Nick Louth
English | 2021 |Mystery & Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

Nick Louth is a best-selling thriller author and an award-winning freelance journalist.
For many years he was a contributor to the Financial Times, Investors Chronicle, MSN and Money Observer.
His debut thriller Bite, originally self-published in 2007, was the best-selling book in the UK during July 2014 and remained in the top 100 for more than 100 days. The book has now sold more than a third of a million copies and has been translated into six languages.
His second thriller, Heartbreaker, was published in summer 2014 and a third, Mirror Mirror in 2016.
The Body in the Marsh was the first DCI Craig Gillard novel. It was published in 2017 and was in the UK Amazon top 100 from March to May 2018. The Body on the Shore, the second in the series, was out in September 2018.
A stand-alone crime thriller, Trapped, was released in January 2019.
DCI Craig Gillard returned in 2019 in The Body in the Mist. The Body in the Snow, The Body Under the Bridge and The Body on the Island were published in 2020. The seventh in the series, The Bodies at Westgrave Hall, in February 2021.

A large country mansion.
A locked room.
A gruesome murder.

Russian oligarch Alexander Volkov has invited 1000 guests to a party at his palatial Surrey residence, Westgrave Hall. But while giving a private tour of the library, a gunman kills Volkov, wounding his ex-wife and slaying her new beau.
Nothing makes sense to DCI Craig Gillard. In the blood-spattered crime scene there are no forensic traces of anyone else involved, CCTV shows no one entered or left the library, and everyone seems to have an alibi.
Is it a crime of revenge, the squaring of a love triangle, or a Russian government operation? Could the victims have simply shot each other? Gillard’s eventual discovery is shocking even to him.

The latest gripping crime thriller from a master of the genre, The Bodies at Westgrave Hall will leave you guessing until the very end.

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