The Body Keeper by Anne Frasier

The Body Keeper

The Body Keeper by Anne Frasier (Detective Jude Fontaine Mysteries Book 3)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 616 Kb

The Body Keeper : A boy’s frozen body is found trapped in the ice of a Minneapolis lake. The horrifying discovery leads Detective Jude Fontaine and her partner, Uriah Ashby, to more bodies in the ice, all of twelve-year-old boys missing for twenty years.
Then, in one of the worst blizzards the city has ever seen, a four-year-old is abandoned on Jude’s doorstep. The child can’t tell them where he’s from, who his parents are, or how he got there. He doesn’t even know his name.
But in his unspoken language, Jude reads something horrifying—a connection to the dead boys. Now a four-year-old with no name may be the only key to a twenty-year-old, very cold case.

“Just need to catch my breath.” He worked to make his voice sound confident. He waved his hand at the people behind Octavia. Nothing to see here. The remaining crowd skated away, their conversations drifting behind them.

“He really hit hard,” someone said. Another person laughed, but it was a laugh of sympathy, or so he hoped.

But the body.

The face had looked like it belonged to a child, or at least a young kid. And was it a body at all? Maybe it was just a mask. A dummy. Some sick joke. That would be a pretty good joke, he had to admit.

Octavia gave him a grin and skated off.

When it was obvious Ava wasn’t going anywhere, Elliot tried to wave her away too. “I need a moment alone.” Behind her, a particularly impressive firework shot into the night sky. It was white, with trails that exploded into stars and fell to the earth. “Go with Octavia. I’ll be here waiting when you make a round.”

With a puzzled look on her face, she nodded, turned, and skated away.

As soon as she was a good distance away, he rolled back to his stomach, engaged his flashlight app, and pointed it at the ice again. The light bounced back at him. He held the phone to one side. Now the face, if it was really a face, was a little more visible. Yes, it looked like a child.”

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