The Break by Sam Sisavath

The Break

The Break by Sam Sisavath (Fall of Man, Book 1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.7 MB

Today is the biggest day of Cole Ristler’s life. He’s about to join his wife and unborn child in retirement, an event he didn’t think would ever happen. It’s a cause for celebration, and all that’s left is the ride home.
Unfortunately for Cole, the world has other plans.
When an unknown phenomenon strikes the planet, man becomes its own worst enemy, transforming into rabid crazies that strike out at the nearest victim, seemingly driven by a single urge: Kill. Cole and a handful of individuals were left mysteriously unaffected. They don’t know why, but more importantly, they don’t care—because right now, it’s all about staying alive.
The city streets run red with blood as those infected by the mysterious plague seek out more victims, forcing Cole to reawaken dormant skills from a past life in order to get through the day.
Then he has to do it all over again the day after that…and the one after that…
Cole only knows one thing: He will get home to his wife and unborn child, and God help anyone that stands in his way.

They were large and bulging, flaring. Blood oozed from somewhere behind the eyes, draping around the eyeballs until it looked like the scleras were engulfed in a sea of thick, red fire that threatened to engulf the brown of Donnie’s irises and the black of his pupils. Razor-thin rivulets of blood dripped from both eyes and down his cheeks, then ran along the angles of his chin before dripping in small amounts to the armrest between the two front seats.

Donnie’s breath had accelerated noticeably, and Cole swore he could hear the twenty-something’s heartbeat sledgehammering behind his chest, pumping an abnormal amount of blood to the rest of his body. That might have been why, when Donnie lunged into the back seat, reaching for Cole’s throat, he seemed to possess superhuman speed.

That’s definitely not right!

Cole reacted instinctively by jerking backward, and Donnie would have gotten ahold of him around the neck if not for the two front seats blocking his path. The driver’s body became stuck between the seats, and for a moment—just a brief, very odd moment—Cole thought he was looking at a child unable to understand the concept of barriers.

“Donnie, what the fuck!” Cole shouted.

Donnie didn’t answer. At least, not vocally. Instead, his lips twisted into a Joker-like smile, something Cole had never seen before.

This wasn’t Donnie.

This wasn’t Donnie anymore.

“Donnie!” Cole shouted again, hoping to get through…whatever Donnie had become.

With a snarling grunt, Donnie twisted his body and slid through the two front seats. Cole darted to the left and into the car door as Donnie deposited himself into the backseat with him.

Cole spun around, shouted, “Donnie! Stop!”

Donnie twisted at the waist, bloodied eyes zeroing in on Cole. There was nothing human in those eyes. Nothing that would lead Cole to believe there was once a kid named Donnie who called everyone sir and ma’am. No, this was someone else. Something else.

A voice from somewhere in the back of Cole’s mind, that he hadn’t heard in a while, said, “He’s gone. Can’t you see he’s gone? Now what are you going to do about it?”

Donnie attacked, throwing himself across the back seat like a wild animal. Cole didn’t have time to think. He just kicked out and caught the driver in the right shoulder with the sole of his loafer. The kick was strong enough to send the kid careening into the other side of the back seat.

Not that it stopped him from spinning around like some kind of freakish contortionist, able to make his joints do impossible things even in the confines of the back seat. With something that almost resembled an animalistic growl, with thin tendrils of blood dripping down to the expensive upholstery from his eyes, Donnie lunged across the cramped back seat. His bloodied red eyes, Cole saw, had widened into almost perfect round circles, which should have been impossible.

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